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We engage diaspora communities through dialogue


We spark curiosity through open and honest conversations


We champion sharing meaningful life stories and ideas


We establish and encourage partnership and collaboration

The story of us

Our mission is to empower the members of diaspora to become active supporters and advocates of social justice and human rights in our communities

ARCHER has an inspiring story. It’s the story of a cultural blend for a greater cause: Humanity. We, at ARCHER, Romanians, and Americans, came together motivated to bring change. Energized after more than 30 years of the 1989 Revolutions in Romania and Eastern Europe, and inspired by the BLM movement we felt the need to free ourselves and express disapproval of social and racial injustices. Our freedom of speech, against social injustice and discrimination, was suppressed for too long. Today, we want to have all voices heard, loud and clear without following in the footsteps of our previous history of silence. We invite Romanians, Americans, and all others who wish to join and participate in our historical mission for a more just and equitable society. The more we are united in our beliefs and actions, the stronger we become!

Our Team

Meet Our Champions

Mihaela Campion

MA, LCPC, CCDVC, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

I feel passionate about learning, implementing, and sharing about social justice and human rights.   My belief system is founded upon the concept of collective striving for excellence through equal rights.  As humans, we learn and grow in an environment that supports and encourages equality.  This philosophy has been the main guiding principle for my family, my work,  my friendships, and my citizenship. ARCHER is a dream come true.

andreea mottram
Andreea Mottram

MSW Graduate Student

I have been volunteering and working in human rights and social justice organizations and initiatives for the past 25 years. I have a strong professional and personal passion to advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, the Roma population, and others. I am grateful to join ARCHER and its energetic group of visionary people committed to fight for social justice.  I am ready to serve in this process of change.

Crina Tarasi Ph.D.
Crina Tarasi


My passion is learning to do business in a way that is win-win, where nobody loses. Not the employees, not the customers, not the company, not the community, not the environment. I resonate with Archer’s mission because I was born in Romania, and for as long as I lived there, as part of the majority, I was blind at all the discriminations, and I would recoil and distance myslef whenever somebody compared me to a Roma person. Educating myself about the strugles of people of color in U.S., I started to understand how I am part of the problem. Through Archer, I want to be part of the solution.

Dana Nitzoy
Dana Nitzoy

Pediatric occupational therapist, MOT, OTR/L, Feeding specialist, and Photographer

Why become one of ARCHER’s co-creators? Because I truly believe that every human is the same and we all deserve the right to be treated uniquely irrespective of their socioeconomic status or physical capabilities. Because usually, people have the tendency to withdraw from others when they are perceived to be lowly ranked or different from the group. Foreigners, specifically, find it hard to blend in some communities due to racism or the wrong cultural view. Because I have the unique opportunity to help promote change, therefore, giving each and everyone in the community equal opportunities and resources.

Erin Misiaveg
Erin Misiaveg

Social Worker

I am interested in ARCHER and its mission because we are fighting for equity and equality for the current and future generations of all races.

andreea mile
Andreea Mile

Victim Advocate

While I studied sociology at UC Santa Cruz, I became passionate about fighting for marginalized people and the issues that affect them. I am now putting that into practice as a sexual assault advocate. I am proud to be a part of such an incredible group like Archer as I am able to put together my Romanian identity and my earning to learn more about discrimination and how to combat it. I am very grateful for this group!

Mada Leanga
Mada Leanga

Counselor, MA, LCPC, Trauma-informed psychotherapist

I am interested in ARCHER and its mission because as a Romanian immigrant and as a woman I am aware of what it means to be a minority and not always be seen or heard. As an able-bodied queer white woman, I am learning everyday how privileged I am. Archer is important to me because I believe in human rights, gender, and racial equality and I strive to be a true ally and advocate for all people that are left in the shadows.

Founded in the second half of the tumultuous 2020

Our Story So Far


and rising





People Reached

It’s Time to Build

A Better World

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Our Vision

A diaspora community that recognizes and includes all historically marginalized groups, regardless of their racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identity.

Strategic directions

    1. We engage diaspora communities through dialogue for a deeper understanding of history and current political and social events by examining and addressing prejudice and bigotry.
    2. We spark curiosity through open and honest conversations to examine the diverse cultural, personal, and professional experiences and to explore and understand personal biases.
    3. We champion sharing meaningful life stories and ideas to build cultural understanding and racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identity acceptance and inclusion.
    4. We establish and encourage the partnership and collaboration with social justice advocates and organizations, as a factor of change.
    5. We support research initiatives for a better understanding of racism and other social justice and human rights challenges.
    6. We collaboratively participate in educational projects to strengthen our communities’ capacity to advocate for acceptance and inclusion.

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