Remembering Roma Enslavement

February 19, 2021
Archer Coalition
remembering roma enslavement
Type: Event
Topic: Anti-Racism
Organizer: ARCHER & ARCS Project
About The Event

What & When

ARCHER-American Romanian Coalition for Human and Equal Rights invites you to virtually attend the special event “Remembering Roma Enslavement.” The event organized in collaboration with American Romanian Cultural Society is a recognition and celebration of 165 years of Roma Emancipation.
Guest Speakers


The event “Remembering Roma Enslavement” consists of two parts. In the first half hour Otilia Baraboi, Executive Director at American Romanian Cultural Society invites us to a private screening of “Letter of Forgiveness,” a short movie directed by Alina Serban. In the second part of the event we welcome our guest speakers special guest speakers Dr. Margareta (Magda) Matache, Alina Serban, Dr. Marius Turda, and Adrian Nicolae Furtuna MA in Advanced Sociological Research (Guest speakers bios will be presented in Discussion).
The conversation is moderated by Mihaela Campion, clinical psychotherapist, and Creative visionary of ARCHER, and Andreea Mottram ARCHER co-founder.



The Roma had been enslaved for five centuries in Wallachia and Moldova. Their freedom came 165 years ago, but public recognition of their loss, suffering, and trauma remains patchy to this day. In this discussion about the enslavement of the Roma, we want to pay attention to victimhood, memory, and representation. In an attempt to commemorate this historical experience we also reflect on the recurrent anti-Roma racism in Romania and how it can be successfully resisted.