“America World Police, Inside Empty”

The following poem by Cristina A. Bejan is part of her award-winning poetry volume “Green Horses on the Walls” (Finishing Line Press, 2020). If you haven’t had the chance to follow Cristina’s work, we highly recommend reading her other contributions to ARCHER blog, or her amazing poetry!

America World Police, Inside Empty


A US Military base on the banks of the Black Sea
A bus leaves full of men and women in fatigues
Going to the Eastern European capital for a day of museums …. i.e. “Fun”
Headphones blaring hip-hop
After this Sunday
From Mihail Kogalniceanu -MK – being shipped to death
Romania is the gateway to Iraq and Afghanistan
It’s death upon death
This same day back home in middle America
News of the soldier’s high school best friend
On the streets of Youngstown

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